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Meet the Team

Scott Halfpenny, Owner

Hi - I'm Scott! 

I am 43 years young and a Glaswegian who now calls Cardiff home. I grew up in Duntocher, a small village in the Kilpatrick Hills, with a large family of 4 sisters and a brother around me (and more cousins than I could ever count!). 

My extended family have always been my dogs, of all shapes and sizes: from Rico, the Saint Bernard, to my precious little Bichon Frise, Pete. 

Since quitting leaving University I have worked in Customer Service roles in retail, starting first with Sainsbury's as a student, to General Manager of Matalan in Cardiff City Centre which I proudly opened 8 years ago and which kick-started my own Welsh adventure! 

I live with my partner, Jack, who is from Liverpool (but don't hold that against him) and have met the most amazing friends and neighbours since moving to Cardiff.

Meeting Maria and her husband, James, is where the story of Little Dogs Hotel begins - and what was once a dream, we have made a reality by going from neighbours to home-owners together - allowing us to open Little Dogs Hotel to residents across Cardiff. 

To say I am excited about this next chapter would be an understatement; I simply can't wait to meet all of our new little friends, and deliver a bespoke and premium dog care & grooming service in Cardiff. 

Maria Church, Owner

Hi - I'm Maria! 

I'm 55 (going on 15) and I am a very proud Welsh woman, born, bred and residing in Cardiff with my hubby James and currently six little dogs of our own (who you can meet below). 

We're dog lovers as you can tell, and have a mixture of long and short haired miniature daschunds and two pomeranians, all rescue or pedigree breeds. 

I have a varied background, but have always been passionate about customer service, whether that be for my four legged or two legged customers! I worked for Cardiff City Council as a Housing Officer, owned my own Bed & Breakfast, ran a public house (posh name for a pub!) and I have also run a small boutique selling women's clothing and footwear. 

My main achievement is my fabulous daughter Charlotte (Church, yes I am her crazy mother!). I have three beautiful grandkids, Ruby, Dexter and Frida. I also have a wonderful large and extended family and friends, including Scott who I am starting this new adventure with. 

I have always loved dogs, and the opportunity to create a new business in my home city, working with little dogs and helping to deliver extra special care for them is truly my dream role. 

I can't wait to meet your special little dog! 

Our Dogs

We've got our own little pack right here at Little Dogs Hotel. As dog lovers we've spent years working to rescue and rehome dogs and we're just as passionate about our dogs as you are about yours.

Our ethos is to treat your dog as one of our own, whether it be for a few hours, or a few weeks; they're at home with us.

Mosby the Pomeranian - Little Dogs Hotel


The grumpy old man, a rescue pom. Mosby is an old man in a dogs body. He likes to do everything his own way and especially in his own time, he wont be rushed for anyone or anything. He is pestered by the other dogs to play – but he takes no notice! 

Ruddi the Long Haired Dachshund - Little Dogs Hotel


The mischievous one, a pedigree long haired dachshund. When you first meet Ruddi he comes across as very shy, however, this is a clever act as he loves to make noise and cause trouble with his partner in crime, Gertie. 

Molly the Pomeranian - Little Dogs Hotel


The quiet one, a rescue pom with her brother, Mosbi. Molly is such a quiet and loving dog, she has such a gentle way about her. She loves to be cuddled.  

Dorris the Dachshund - Little Dogs Hotel


The mother of the house, a pedigree short haired dachshund. She loves to boss the other dogs around. Her favourite times of the day are dinner time and bedtime; she likes to fuss over the other dogs for the rest of the day. 

Gertie, our rescue dachshund mix - Little Digs Hotel


The feisty one, a rescue dachshund mix.  Gertie is a sassy young lady with a bark much worse than her bite! She loves the sound of her own voice and when she wants your attention you’ll know about it! She loves getting into mischief with her partner in crime, Ruddi. 

Mimi our rescue dog - Little Dogs Hotel


Our beloved Mimi who our Grooming Parlour is named after. Mimi was a rescue dog, she was 6 when we met her and we had her for 10 glorious years. She lost her sight in her later years but this didn’t stop her from going adventures in our garden where she loved to roam. We all miss her dearly.